Condor Tool & Knife Wilderness Tool

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Condor Tool and Knife Wilderness Tool

Unique, Innovative, Multifunctional, best describes the Condor Wilderness Tool! In this one tool you will find a machete blade, a brush/gut hook/pick, a shovel and a hatchet/clever edge. If you are heading into the wilderness this is the tool to have on your side! Cut shooting lanes and branches, build a shelter, make a camp fire pit, field dress big game, build a campfire, prepare meals; the Wilderness TooI could save your life if lost or stranded and it weights less than a pound in its leather sheath! The concept and design was created by world-renowned knife and tool designer Arlan D. Lothe and is patent pending.

All edges are concave shaped for greater strength and edge retention. The edges are hand ground and buffed to razor sharpness. The shovel edge is semi-sharp.

The Condor Wilderness TooI is 12 1/8" long, fast, light and well balanced. We use 1/8" 420 HC (high carbon) surgical stainless steel heat treated and tempered to about 53 Rockwell (a measurement of hardness). We believe you do not need to use thick, heavy blades to make a good knife, if you know what you are doing. We have been making thin, high performance Machete blades for over 40 years at a rate of about 20,000 blades per day.

The blade also features a stylized "Eye of the Condor" stamped through the blade. Legend has it that "it one travels through life under the eye of the Condor they will be safe, sound and victorious in battle".

The Condor Wilderness Tool 's offered in two blade finishes, a blasted satin finish and a black oxide finish we call "Ultra BIaC2. This finish is cooked into the metal at 285ºF. This finish meets and exceeds several military specifications from the US and other countries around the world.

The "Poszegrip" handle is made from a special Santoprene for strength and just the right amount of softness to provide a true cushioned grip. The handle also has a special texture and live rubber inserts to increase its non-slip properties. The special Condor Tool & Knife blue/gray handle color was selected not only to make the handles distinctive, but to also help one locate the tool if it is laid down anywhere, particularly in the field. The molded handle features full tang construction and features a metal lanyard eyelet that passes through the handle and tang for added strength. The handle has an oval shape to better full the hand than a straight handle. The handle shape also features a full quillion (guard) and a full pommel (buft) for positive chopping and slicing.

The Condor Wilderness Tool comes with a heavy duty, hand crafted black leather sheath. This sheath features a swivel belt loop, which allows the knife to swing out of the way while moving through brush or the jungle. The knife can also be swung out of the way while riding in a truck or car, thus not poking one in the side or back as a conventional knife sheath.

The Condor Wilderness Tool has a limited lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Condor Wilderness Tool has a 6 " blade and an overall length of 12 1/8" and weights only .81 pounds. UltraBlac2 finish with the Condor blue/gray handles.

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