Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 56 Drive Links

CarltonSKU: G7SP-56E

Carlton G7SP 3/4 Pitch Harvester Chain Loop, 56 Drive Links

Manufacturer: Carlton
Part Number: G7SP-56E
Loop - 56 Drive Links
Gauge: .122"
Pitch: 3/4"

Every Carlton saw chain is built with these important features:

Nickel Alloy Steel
All Carlton saw chains are fabricated from special alloy steel. This specially engineered steel adds toughness, abrasion resistance and ductility in all kinds of climates, from the heat of the tropics to the freezing cold winter.

Industrial Chrome Plating
All Carlton saw chain cutters are plated with hard industrial chrome. This process yields superior edge-holding qualities to other types of plating. In the field, Carlton saw chain stays sharp longer.

Exclusive Honed Sharp Cutters
Another Carlton exclusive. Unlike the competition, every Carlton saw chain is sharpened after assembly to cut fast out of the box. You can feel the difference. There's no need to touch up a new Carlton saw chain.

Roto Blasting

All Carlton saw chain cutters, drive links and bumper links are shot peened for increased tensile strength. A similar process is used on automotive leaf springs. Roto blasting makes Carlton parts tougher.

Hypodermic Lubrication

All Carlton saw chain is injected at the rivet bearings with a hypoid lubricant to reduce bearing wear during "break in". Only Carlton pre-lubes each bearing during assembly for longer chain life in the field.

Carlton Quality Auditing

Carlton's Quality Auditors are as tough as the chains they build. They inspect all phases of the manufacturing process to some of the tightest tolerances in the industry.

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Made In USA

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