Brunton OmniSlope Sighting Clinometer


Brunton OmniSlope Sighting Clinometer

The Brunton OmniSlope Sighting Clinometer is the ultimate forestry instrument, the OmniSlope inclinometer measures angles in degrees, percent grade and the 66 foot forestry chain. The lightweight aluminum housing of the Brunton OmniSlope Sighting Clinometer lends years of field reliability, and the precision pendulum gives fast and accurate readings whether you're gauging the height of a tree, measuring avalanche danger, or judging the pitch of a cave.

Brunton OmniSlope Sighting Clinometer Specifications:

Brunton OmniSlope Overall Dimensions
: 2.5" x 3.5" x 0.5"

Brunton OmniSlope Features:
1 Degree Resolution
Made in the USA
Illuminated Readout - light piping gives a clear bright readout even in lowlight
Precision Pendulum - fast, accurate, smooth, dead-on, 180 degree range
All-In-One Scales - degrees, percent grade, forestry chain, 1 degree resolution

Brunton OmniSlope Warranty: U-Proof

Brunton - A legacy of excellence... means tireless engineering and over 100 years of experience in earth-science, forestry, S&R and off-trail navigation. Means a commitment so iron-clad that being the best will never be enough. In 1894, Canadian-born geologist turned inventor DW Brunton created the world-famous Pocket Transit: a precision instrument that freed outdoorsmen from the bulky equipment of that time, and set a course we still follow: never accept, never settle. The Rocky Mountain home, Brunton has called their laboratory for more than 100 years is both inspiration and proving ground for products developed to that creed. Remove any obstacle that stands between the Brunton customer and his or her passion to stay outdoors. Let nothing stand in the way of adventure.

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