Bosch 3" to 10" Multi-Construction Drill Bit

BoschSKU: MC01

The innovative Multi-Construction bit drills practically everything: from tile, masonary, wood, metal and concrete. The bit is extremely useful to installers who drill through multiple materials.

  • Innovative tungsten carbide plate - Suitable for multi-purpose applications.
  • Sharp, Multiple Diamond ground cutting edges - for a high drilling rate, even in hard materials such as tiles and concretes.
  • Sturdy Drilling head - For a long serviced life in drilling and impact drilling applications.
  • New Steep Spiral - Optimized drilling dust clearance in multiple materials.
  • New Customized carbide geometry optimized to handle a wide range of materials.
  • Grip shank provides aggressive gripping power
  • Steep flute with ribs optimizes dust removal in any material
  • Sharp, ground cutting edges for fast drilling in hard materials
  • Robust head provides long life in impact applications
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