Aluminum Nails

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Plain shank style

Aluminum nails will not harm trees, saws or sawyers.

1-1/2" long with a 3/8" diameter head. Around 450 nails to a box.

WHY ALUMINUM NAILS? The use of aluminum mounting nails prevents corrosion problems and rust marks that occur when steel nails are used. The use of aluminum nails is also safer when your sign is being nailed to a tree. If the tree is ever harvested, saws will cut through aluminum nails easily, preventing harm to both the saw blade and sawyer.

HOW TO USE? Leave the nail a little short of "all the way in," about 3/8" left to go, so that a few of the rings on the nail shank still show. This leaves room for the tree to grow out, while preventing the sign from being pushed off the nail, and keeping the sign mounted longer.

Please Note: The description above is for the nails you will receive if your order is for custom posted signs with an imprint. They are shipped with the signs from our sign makers.

If you order standard posted signs with no personalization, they will be shipped with your signs from our warehouse in most cases. They will be 2-1/4" long with .128 diameter shank and 3/8" diameter head. One pound box - approximately 333 nails. Longer nails with a smaller quantity.

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