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Airport Vehicle Safety Flags are used at most major airfields throughout the world.

Airport Vehicle Safety Flags are made of orange and white nylon according to government specifications.

Airport Vehicle Safety Flags are often required on construction vehicles working around military flight lines.

Airport Vehicle Safety Flag features:

  • 36" x 36" flag with pocket to mount on your existing staff
  • Alternating 12" x 12" checkerboard squares in orange and white

FAA Advisory Circular Regulations make it make it perfectly clear that:

  1. Vehicles on the Airport Operation Area (AOA)- AC 150/5210-5C says vehicles "which are not escorted by a vehicle in constant two-way radio communication with ATC and properly equipped and authorized to operate in the AOA, must be provided with a flag on a staff attached to the vehicle so that the flag will be readily visible." and that flag "must be at least a 3-foot by 3-foot (0.91 meter by 0.91 meter) square having a checkered pattern of international orange and white squares at least 1 foot (305mm) on each side"
  2. Airport Barricades- AC 150/5370-2E says "Barricades may be supplemented with alternating orange and white flags at least 20 by 20 inches (50 by 50 cm) square"

Flag Only - Staff not provided.

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