Aervoe Marking Stick

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The Aervoe Marking Stick - NEW AND REDESIGNED for surveyors, locators and landscapers is a handheld marking applicator. Use the Aervoe Marking Stick for pain-free, all day marking.

The Aervoe Marking Stick can be used with inverted aerosol marking paint - Aervoe or any other brand and comes with a new rubber comfort grip handle that fits any size hand comfortably. The new trigger of the Aervoe Marking Stick reduces finger fatigue. 36" in length. The Aervoe Marking Stick's wheel is wider than other brand and features a rubber over mold to ride smoother of surfaces and creates a straighter line. Featuring a flag holder, the Aervoe Marking Stick also has a flag insert spike. Simply use by removing the wheel and inserting the spike for quick flag placement.

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Product Weight 2 lb
Long Lasting & Durable
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