Munsell Plant Tissue Color Chart

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The Munsell Plant Tissue Color Charts are a botanist's color guide. Includes 17 color charts which are used to determine and record the color of plant tissues. This information is invaluable to scientists who are working with growth rates, nutrient deficiencies, plant diseases, and other plant processes. The Munsell Plant Tissue Color Chart facilitate the diagnosis of adverse conditions responsible for the deteriation of plants and it serves as a stepping-stone to soil and plant tissue analyses.

The Munsell Plant Tissue Color Charts consist of 320 matte color chips mounted on 17 charts for the following hues: 2.5R, 5R, 10R, 2.5YR, 5YR, 7.5YR, 2.5Y, 5Y, 2.5GY, 5GY, 7.5GY, 2.5G, 5G, 7.5G, 5BG, 2.5B, and 5RP. 1977 Edition - includes instructions, charts, and masks in a colorful new binder.

Why Use Plant Tissue Color Charts?

The color plant tissues reflect the influence of light, critical temperatures, and the chemical composition of the soil, especially when the soil is deficient in certain major or minor nutrient elements. Sometimes the color of plant tissue reveals the genetic origin of plants, effect of toxic substances, or the action of parasitic organisms.

The Munsell Plant Tissue Color Charts provide scientists, students, and plant growers with information needed to respond to problems related to taxonomy, genetics, physiology, pathology, and plant nutrition.

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