Markal Optimark Fluorescent Polymer Crayons

MarkalSKU: 82742

The Markal Optimark Crayon is designed exclusively for Optimizing Cut-Off Saws to improve accuracy! The Optimark Crayon comes in six visually distinct colors to make bright, clear marks, eliminating missed scans, and it's formulated to minimize color transfer to machinery, reducing work downtime and clean-up. The Optimark has a standard 1/2" hex shape - fitting regular lumber crayon holders such as the Markal #108,500-A, PS100 and PB150. The Markal Optimark Crayon lasts up to 4 TIMES the writing life compared to ordinary crayons and fluorescent markers.

Unit packaging: 12 of one color to a box

Markal Optimark Fluorescent Polymer Crayons are available in the following colors: Markal Optimark Red 82742, Orange 82743, Pink 82744, Red Orange 82745, Yellow Orange 82746, Burgundy 82747.

This product is being discontinued. Markal has suggested the following as a replacement; Scan-It Plus in Hard, Hex in the following colors #82231 Orange - #82232 Watermelon Red √¢ and #82234 Emerald Green. See here >> Markal SCAN-IT Plus Fluorescent Crayon, Box of 12

Color: Fluorescent Red
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