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YETI Coolers

The YETI difference is in the design…..YETI Coolers

·         One Piece Roto-Molded

·         Uniform Wall Thickness

·         Thicker and Stronger Corners

·         Full Length Roto Molded Hinge System

·         Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches

·         Marine Grade Nylon Rope Handles

·         Rubber Feet Prevent Sliding

·         Screw-In Gasketed Drain Plug Won’t Leak!

·         Lockable Lid

·         Rubber Coated Dry Goods Rack
     YETI Coolers Keep Ice Longer! Yeti Coolers

YETI Coolers have walls that are 2 inches thick and filled with premium polyurethane insulation, compared to only ½ inch or 1 inch of insulation in conventional coolers!  The lid of a YETI Cooler has 3 inches of insulation and features a rubber freezer quality gasket that seals around the entire lid. YETI Coolers can even hold Dry Ice!
      Tips To Maximize Ice Retention

      Pre-cool your YETI: When starting with a warm cooler, a lot of ice is required to lower the core temperature of the heavily insulated walls of a YETI Cooler. Prior to loading your YETI Cooler, store it in a cool environment or use a sacrificial bag of ice.

      Freeze or pre-chill contents: Prior to loading your YETI Cooler, freezing or pre-chilling cooler contents like meat or beverages will help your ice last longer.

      Use quality ice: Ice can get much colder than its freezing point. Warm ice, near 32 degrees F is typically wet to the touch and dripping with water. Cold, sub-zero ice is relatively dry and will last substantially longer.

      More ice is better: We recommend filling your YETI Cooler with as much as possible. Ideally, you want to have an ice to contents ratio of at least 2:1.

      Use dry ice: YETI Coolers are dry ice compatible and can handle the extremely low temperature (-109 deg F), whereas ordinary coolers become brittle and crack. Dry ice provides approximately 3X the cooling power of regular ice and leaves more room for contents.

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