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Council Tool Company is as much about people as it is about tools. After all, it is our people who design the tools, manufacture the tools and market the tools.
The employees at Council Tool are hard-working Americans who take great pride in what they do. They have the skills, experience and dedication necessary to produce the quality and value you’re looking for. As of early 2010 the average years of experience on the factory floor was over 11 years and the average years of experience of production management and engineering was over 18 years.

Our beginnings and the “Four Beliefs”

It all began with one person…John Pickett Council. In 1886, he founded the business that still bears his family’s name. Since then, hundreds of committed, talented Council employees have followed in his footsteps and carried on his legacy.

Times have changed. Manufacturing methods have changed. And equipment has been modernized. But some things have remained constant. Shortly after founding the company, Mr. Council wrote down a simple set of beliefs he felt were necessary for success. The people who work for Council Tool today still follow these four beliefs:

1. Manufacture a quality product.

2. Offer value by being an innovative and progressive manufacturer.

3. Be straightforward and honest in your dealings.

4. Be a good corporate citizen.

1. Manufacture a quality product.

Our adherence to the first belief is evident the first time you pick up a Council hand tool. Our products are made of the highest-quality materials — American-made steel and American hickory. These are heavy-duty, professional-grade tools manufactured to the highest standards.

To maintain complete quality control, we produce all of our products at our North Carolina headquarters. We sink, repair and maintain our own forging dies and components in our own die shop. No tool leaves our plant without passing our rigid quality inspection process.

2. Offer value by being an innovative and progressive manufacturer.

Value and innovation go hand-in-hand here. The very first Council tool was a bar used to extract resin from pine trees to make tar and turpentine. That tool was so superior to anything else available at that time, it launched a company.

Other innovative, one-of-a-kind tools followed, including the Council fire rake and the fire swatter. More recently, we’ve introduced a series of multi-purpose products that includes the Combi-Tool (shovel and pick), Form-A-Nator (sledge and mattock), and SOS Tool (halligan, sledge and hook).

When you can get high quality and innovative design at a fair price, that’s where value comes in. You simply get more for your money with Council professional tools.

3. Be straightforward and honest in your dealings.

Honesty goes without saying at Council Tool. It’s what has made us a trusted source for more than 120 years. We produce high-quality products at fair, competitive prices.

If there is ever a question or problem, we provide the answer or solution right away. Our customers are why we are in business, and we are always upfront with them.

4. Be a good corporate citizen.

Not only are our tools good citizens (used for planting trees, fighting fires, etc.), our company prides itself on its corporate citizenship. We are committed to keeping jobs here in the United States.  We are committed to protecting the environment. So, we would never use offshore labor from places where environmental regulations are soft. All of our tools are American-made.

We have had a longstanding relationship with the U.S. Forest Service, developing one-of-a-kind tools to meet specific forestry needs. We were even approached by the federal government during World War II to make a special tool used in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day. And today, we have growing relationships with fire departments and law enforcement agencies throughout the country to meet their needs for specialized tools.

Hard-working tools for hard-working professionals           
Council Tool offers the country’s premier line of heavy-duty, American-made tools for forestry applications and for fighting wildfires. We also serve industries ranging from law enforcement to landscaping—any industry that requires heavy-duty hand tools.

Our full line of professional products includes axes, picks, mauls, mattocks, striking tools, shrubbing tools, digging tools, wood-splitting tools, forged bars, C-clamps and a variety of specialty tools. All products are backed by more than 120 years of quality, reliability and tool-making expertise from one of the oldest forging operations in the United States.

A family-run company since 1886

Today, Council Tool is still a family owned and managed business, led by the fourth generation of the Council family. Our company’s majority stockholders are in the office and on the plant floor every day.

In the spirit of our founder, John Pickett Council, we make sure that his four simple beliefs are still followed, so that you always get the highest quality, the most innovative designs and the best value from our professional tools.

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